Premium Android Membership


By signing up to utilize our full suite of security applications for Android, you will be benefiting from complete end to end encryption in all of your tasks. The following subscription includes the following capabilities:

  • Email
  • Messaging
  • Video Call
  • SecureBox
  • Phone Call
  • GSM Spy
Our Nolikia GSM Spy application allows a user to detect any possible interceptions and possible threats. When forced to utilize unsecure lines, utilize our applications to ensure a clear and safe conversation.


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Nolikia establishes practical options with the aid of over 120 engineers and specialists for the role of protecting records and interactions that combat any modern-day hacking/decryption methods. In fact, the encryption experts who built the Nolikia algorithms are not capable of decrypting our protected calls, messages, file transfers, emails, video calls and file storage systems.

Our technological innovation is continuously tested and used across the world in numerous governmental and private agencies. Our services also scale for enterprises and sizeable firms that call for the same degree of safety and security. Our goal is the establishment of a full, a-z package of fully secure military grade communication solutions, that are easy to use, approachable and as close as possible to the end users’ comfort zone.